Growth Loops are the New Funnels
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The AARRR funnel framework has been the dominant guiding framework to metrics, goal setting, and strategic growth conversations. Funnels were a good starting point but do not accurately represent how the fastest growing products grow. It is time to move past the funnel framework and focus on Growth Loops.

This is the third post in a four post series. In the previous posts in the series we went through three important points. Growth wins, the game has changed, and to adapt we need a system of product, process, and team.

This system is just the beginning. We need new frameworks and tools to think about how products grow that incorporate these changes to growth and the lessons we’ve learned.

One thing we ask participants in Reforge Programs is to go around their company and ask five different people to whiteboard the answer to a seemingly simple question: How does your product grow?


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