HoloLens will help a children’s hospital perform critical surgeries
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A UK children’s hospital plans to use Microsoft’s HoloLens and Surface Hub during critical operations like heart surgery, Microsoft announced. Alder Hey hospital will employ the Surface Hub to let medical personnel collaborate and share images, while the HoloLens will be used directly in operating theaters. “Imaging a patient’s heart from the inside and from the outside is absolutely essential,” said Alder Hey cardiac surgeon Rafael Guerrero. “Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality will, in the future, enable me to have a patient’s scans in front of me while I’m doing the operation.”
The Surface Hub 2 is a 50.5-inch, webcam-equipped 4K touch display that acts like a “huddle board,” letting teams collaborate better in-person and remotely. It’s ideal for hospitals, as it lets personnel instantly review ultrasounds, CT scans, tests and other patient info. That kind of info is normally stored on paper at locations around the hospital, making access a pain for a single doctor, let alone a group of medical professionals.


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