You strive for impact, eminence and funding. We deliver all three.


Empower entrepreneurial leaders

Implement the Leveraged Leaders™ toolkit for...

  • Leadership that encourages early- and mid-career researchers to seek impact through entrepreneurship.
  • Organisational strategy that is aspirational, achievable and aligned to the organisation's mission.
  • Leadership that collaborates to tackle opportunities bigger than any one research area.
  • Governing and Advisory Boards that actively leverage their strengths for collective impact.


Engage and educate staff

Deploy the Innovation Power Law™ programme for…

  • Entrepreneurial researchers to become an integral part of the DNA of your organisation.
  • Stakeholder-centric staff that pivot their work to solve validated problems and meet emerging needs.
  • Research commercialisation that goes far beyond the current Patent-Market-License paradigm.
  • Culture that empowers staff, pursues impact, and is a magnet for talent.


Enable structured support

Tailor the Discovery Driven Innovation™ System for...

  • Researchers that use the methods of entrepreneurship to deliver a pipeline of investible research.
  • High performing research teams that hunt for big opportunities for impact that bring funds in.
  • Governance that is light and fast, with transparency over spend and resources.
  • Data-led prioritisation that aligns resource allocation with validated scientific opportunity.

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