‘The Global Startup Culture Needs to Grow Up’
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A little more than a decade ago, I started investing in startups. My whole career had been as an entrepreneur and operator. It was a new challenge.

The thesis was simple: The most valuable businesses of the future would be networks, rather than traditional companies. I got off to a good start, investing in companies like Twitter and Twitch. Soon, Ann Miura-Ko and I co-founded Floodgate, and we backed other networks like Lyft, Okta, Xamarin, and many more.

Today, I am convinced that:

  • Software-defined networks will be the most valuable businesses, displacing traditional corporations as central actors.
  • Networks can bring exponential improvements in prosperity throughout the world.
  • Networks will encounter fierce resistance from traditional businesses, governments, and other parts of society that don’t want a different future.
  • Tech leaders are part of the problem, and this needs to change for networks to realize their full potential.

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