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What we do

Individual Ventures

Innovation Pipelines

Ecosystem Development

How we do it

Venture Development

We partner with talent working on transformative tech, from early concepts through to startups struggling to scale

Innovation Portfolios

We work with commercial and product teams to build pipelines of innovative products, services and ventures

Innovation Enablement

We support governments & foundations to develop new ways to engage ecosystems & attract talent

Our impact

WE ARE Pioneers of Entrepreneurial Commercialisation

+$ 100 Million

for ​Entrepreneurial Researchers

Researchers we've worked with raised over $200m of funding from outside the traditional grants system.
+ 1 New Ventures

for Commercial R&D Teams

Organisations we've worked with launched over 100 new products & ventures into new and existing markets.
+ 1 New Startups

for Entrepreneurs

Teams we've worked with launched over 400 new startups nationally and internationally.

Who we work with

Ecosystem Building
We are explicitly collaborative in all our engagements, seeking to build an approach where the sum is greater than the parts.

Ecosystem Development
We work with governments & foundations to develop new ways to initiate and develop innovation ecosystems.

Commercial Teams
We specialise in scaling commercialisation efforts to support startup and spinout activity that is repeatable, scalable, and aligned with the organisation’s strategy.

Leadership Teams
We help develop the capacity to become agile, opportunistic and embrace new ways of working. This work enables institutes to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture and a renewed sense of purpose.

We assist organisations to become more agile and embrace new ways of working that raise productivity and improve culture.

We enable businesses to go beyond traditional commercial models by installing an end-to-end entrepreneurial innovation and commercialisation Operating System that delivers exponentially greater returns on your investment in growth.

This helps organisations become more agile and embrace new ways of working that raise productivity, improve culture and enhance the bottom line.

We coach small and medium businesses to identify and exploit new growth opportunities and to launch new products, services or platforms to validated market growth.

Using our Venture OS™, an end-to-end innovation operating system, we save businesses significant time, money and resources  and deliver exponentially greater returns on your innovation investment.

Early stage
We run proven high impact programs that empower and enable researchers and innovators to adopt new mindsets and mechanics to make meaningful commercial progress.

Later stage
We coach deep tech startup founders and teams as they spinout, raise investment and need to sustainably scale their venture. Supporting the shift from Founder to CEO are also core to this work.

Hi, we're Bright Arena

Pioneers of Entrepreneurial Commercialisation

Bright Arena was founded in 2013 on a heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Our mission is to create a step-change in the commercial and societal impact of Australia’s R&D through entrepreneurial endeavour.

We do this by working closely with visionary leaders, researchers and innovators to create the next generation of deep tech ventures and industries in Australia. 

We tailor and embed sustainable entrepreneurial practices into organisations, exponentially improving commercial success and culture. 

We believe you’ll find working with us refreshing and rewarding. We’ll help you embrace the emerging future and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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