About Bright Arena

Bright Arena was founded in 2013 on a heritage of serial entrepreneurship and innovation to empower institutes and researchers to increase their impact. We found entrepreneurial methods could help anyone - or any organisation - transform.

Today, we help:

  • Humans adopt new mindsets and mechanics to make meaningful progress in a changing world. These are our capability building programs that are squarely focused on empowering and enabling the entrepreneurial researcher.
  • Organisations define strategies and execute on the tactics to become more agile and embrace new ways of working. This is our capacity building work that enables an institute to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture and a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Commercialisation efforts scale to support startup and spinout activity in a way that is repeatable, scalable and aligned to the organisation's strategy. This are our entrepreneurial commercialisation solutions that builds a pipeline of innovation.

You'll find working with us refreshing and rewarding. We'll push you to embrace the emerging future and we'll be with you every step of the way.