We're a team of experienced innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Bright Arena was founded in 2013 on a heritage of serial entrepreneurship and corporate innovation.  We learned that entrepreneurial ways of thinking and working could help anyone - or any organisation - have more impact faster.

We loved building startups for ourselves and for others. We also discovered that we preferred working directly with our customers than through technology. Bright Arena was born to take what we learned from our startups and our work with entrepreneurs to create new ways of working for others. 

Today, we help humans adopt new mindsets and mechanics to make meaningful progress in a changing world. From multinationals to startups, research institutes to inventors, and governments to social enterprise, we use the tools of entrepreneurship to reconnect people with their abilities to have positive impact.

We’re a team of independent thinkers who strive to be excellent at what we do and on paper we couldn't be more different. We're designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, researchers, scientists, artists, inventors, analysts, musicians, photographers, readers, travellers, makers, thinkers, parents, partners, and carers.

Above it all, we're curious about why humans do what we do and how can we do it better.

You'll find working with us refreshing and rewarding. We'll push you to embrace the emerging future and we'll be with you every step of the way.

The first 6 years

2019 marks our 6th year in business. And while we feel like we're just getting started, we've already earned the repeat business of some of Australia's largest (and smallest) companies.

It's rare that one business can serve the needs of multinationals, research institutes, governments, startups and scaleups, yet they have all turned to Bright Arena to transform the way they work.

The next 26

We’re in at all levels in business, research, government and society. We’re doing exceptional work, we’re making a difference and we’re in business to stay in business. It’s time to double down to scale our impact.

The next few years will see us making bigger bets, championing collective impact, and scaling our transformation of work and society using the tools of entrepreneurship.

Our team will grow, we’ll partner and collaborate. Most of all, we’ll learn heaps and sleep well, proud of a job well done.

You're in good company

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